Tips to save money on vacation

Travelling costs money and travelling with children in tow costs even more. For this reason, organizing a holiday with them requires a little patience and attention because you have to find the right solution for young and old, avoiding spending a lot of money. In fact, save money!

Here are some suggestions and some small strategies for a stay that will save you money and optimize costs without sacrificing comfort and benefits for all.

  • Watch out for offers

If you don’t have a precise idea where to go, we suggest you to choose your destination according to the special offers you can find on our portal: there are many for all occasions and periods of the year, at sea or in the mountains, designed to meet everyone’s needs and, above all, for all budgets. Our hotels love to host families and offer them special packages to make them save money without giving up the high quality of services.

  • All inclusive and children for free

If the family budget for holidays with children cannot be touched, it is better to focus on all-inclusive packages in order to avoid surprises and unforeseen events during your stay. You will have so many services to benefit from already included in the price set at the beginning. Leave without any other worries, we have already decided everything for you! Many of our family hotels have also developed packages that include free children up to a certain age or big discounts for small guests.

Choose these offers! Some also include free admission to museums, amusement parks, beach animations and attractions that every resort offers. This is also a way to save money and have fun while diversifying your holiday activities. Always check the tourist portals of the destination you are visiting. You will discover that, in many cases, they offer visits, animations, parties totally free or with ‘family ticket’. Advantageous, isn’t it?

  • Cheap flights

If you want to take a plane to your next holiday destination, choose low cost flights. But with a few essential tricks to really save money! First of all, book them well in advance, because prices usually increase as the departure date approaches. Then, if you can, choose midweek flights. Flying on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, for example, is almost always cheaper than flying on Fridays as well as returning on Sundays is likely to cost much more (up to 45% more) than returning on another day of the week.

Moreover, who said that you have to choose the same company for both the outward and return journeys? Sometimes, it is more convenient to combine different airlines. Try playing around with the dates and companies on the various booking sites and choose the most advantageous combinations!

To see if you are really saving money, add the cost of parking and any shuttle service to/from the airport to the total cost of your flight. And, watch out for luggage: on low cost flights only one piece of hand luggage per person is allowed, everything else is for a fee. Ah, we forgot… If you have a very small child, know that until the age of 2 years does not pay the plane and this is also a good opportunity to take advantage.

  • Trains, ferries, buses and rental cars

If you are organizing a fly & drive or you need to rent a car, we recommend you to book and organize everything online by consulting the local portals and the offers usually offered by the operators in the area where you will spend your holiday.

An alternative, usually cheaper than flying, but to check every time, are trains and ferries. The former offer reduced fares, family or group discounts, the latter can offer free of charge to small children. And if you travel by bus and public transport, check out the promotions with weekend or weekly passes, avoiding buying a ticket for each trip.

  • Choose the low season and book early

If you can afford it, bet on off-season or off-peak holidays. You have the savings that come with a star stay. Because if there is no crowd, all the attention of hoteliers and tour operators will be directed to you and your family! Avoiding the high season is, however, always a winning choice, the first secret to save on your stay (and not only). If you can book in advance, the savings are even greater and you have more choices because usually the promotions are sold out.

Whoever book first… better stays first? This is often the case. There are always discounts for early booking. And even more if you pay for everything right away. What if the baby has a fever and you have to cancel the trip? Check the various facilities and choose those that guarantee cancellations very close to the date of arrival.