Tips for your next roadtrip

Making a roadtrip is a great and fun life experience. So, here are ten tips for your next trip! This term in English is nothing more than our foot on the road and is totally connected to a great experience. It is ideal for those who have the profile of an explorer, like to collect moments and, of course, like to know every corner that seems interesting on the road. A roadtrip can be long – replacing the air route – or it can be for those who want to get to know nearby towns or experience different asphalts around.

Some tips are essential for a perfect roadtrip.

1 – Define your route

That tip is essential for anyone who’s going on a long roadtrip. Think it’s not just taking the car and going out there: it’s always good to have a minimal idea of where you’ll stop for the night and which places on the map look interesting to stop and take a look at.

2 – Have Plans B – be ready for contingencies

Even with a minimally defined script, unforeseen events can happen and you can’t get upset about it. Reason before: will it rain and your speed on the road slow down? Reason for after: will it happen overbooking, will you not like the place? Even though it’s only for a few hours to sleep, for those who drive, a good night’s sleep is essential.

3 – GPS

Those who venture out on unknown roads today have the blessing of being able to count on applications and devices that help us – and a lot – in locating and reporting traffic. So don’t save on that!

4 – Chargers

It is silly, but it is good to remember: invest in chargers, buy one for the car and another conventional, plug-in. The cell phone is a hand on the wheel for any traveler and even more important for those who are driving and always need to be well informed. It is common that the battery almost disappears on roads, because the signal is weak and the device tends to be looking for signal, wifi and everything else – with this, consumption is much higher.

5 – Supplies

Always have at least one bottle of water in your car, one full and one empty. The full one, of course, is for drinking. The empty one is in case you stop somewhere with a water dispenser and you can refill your little bottle. Besides, cookies and sweets can be a good ally: both to disguise hunger and for a hobby.

6 – Costs

See more or less how much money you will spend on gas, toll, lodging along the way, parking, food, etc. After you get a result, put an extra X because of the unforeseen and extra expenses that may occur.

7 – Traffic and Roads

The traffic rules are basically the same all over the world, the main one being caution. Anyway, it’s good to check. In Uruguay, for example, the headlights should always be on – regardless of sunlight or falling rain. It is also good to know about the fame of the roads you intend to take.

8 – Car Conditions

Make a complete check-up before leaving, check the smallest details so that no mistakes are made. Just like you, your car needs preparation.

Will you rent one? The care is basically the same, apart from the fact that you won’t be able to leave it in the mechanics to check. However, take a good look around the can to see if there’s any previous damage, check the quality of the tyres, ask questions, test – even in a short field – the brakes, flashlights, accelerator, clutch etc and finally make sure you’re in possession of the documents!

9 – What to bring?

A road trip has its advantages, such as not having to worry about the weight of the luggage. But it’s not quite like that! It’s not because there is no weight limit that you take the sink of your house together. Try to take the essentials, remember that there are other people in the car and a limited space in the luggage rack.

Take into account that you can climb hillsides or take dirt roads and the weight is essential for a good car performance. Also, stopping from city to city is an invitation for small purchases that, multiplied by the number of passengers, further reduces the space.

10 – Who will go with you?

The question that does not want to shut up! Tip for decision: remember that during too much your trip (two, ten, fifteen days), that person will be at your side fulltime. Can you imagine anyone?

Traveling with whom we get along very well is basic, mainly because of the need to keep an open dialogue at all times, besides being really calm if you have to give up one thing or another, adapt in other situations and also because you have to deal with that boring thing called money – disagreements because of that are very common in group travel and you won’t want an episode like that during your trip. In short, travel with someone you would take for life.