Traveling is a way to learn, as well as being an incredible opportunity. Travelling and being a tourist means you have the possibility to experience different cultures, beliefs, places and gastronomy.

But when traveling we are also accompanied by a great level of responsibility with that place, with its people and, of course, with the world. It’s not just about leaving good impressions, but taking good care of the destination that is being visited. Thus, it will be fully available to other visitors and to the local people.

In this good tourist guide, we will give you several tips on how to be an excellent traveler. Those that everyone will want to travel with or pick up the best travel tips.

Before You Travel

  • Search for the destinations you like best

One of the best tips for finding cheap airline tickets is not in this story of searching on Tuesdays or at dawn. The good traveler knows that to cut corners, he needs to be agile. That’s why we always hit the planning button. Guys, it’s not luck, it’s planning. If you are interested in place A, B or C, try to research a lot about these destinations to discover the best times of the year to go.

  • Be open to discover other destinations along the way

Some people tend to be discouraged from inserting another location into a journey. We can understand why, we even talk about it here. However, if the detour or hitting and return is not going to have much impact on your trip or replace something you wanted to see more, try to embrace this idea.

  • Search for flight prices, hotels, car rentals

Searching for prices and possibilities, besides comparing values and conditions, are excellent ideas that every good traveler ends up adhering to and not letting go anymore. But remember to search for flights in advance, as the values tend to increase as the date of boarding arrives. The market for air tickets usually fluctuates a lot, but close to the departure date there are hardly any discounts or great promotions.

  • Get informed about activities and local weather

The good tourist is one who seeks to know about the local climate and the activities he will find. Two essential information to make a successful suitcase. Even if it is not written in stone, having an almost certain notion of what is expected from the trip makes it easier (and a lot) to prepare the suitcase and not carry weight for nothing (or lack of it).

  • Make a good financial planning

Unfortunately we don’t take money from trees (I wish we had a tree like this!), so financial planning is essential so that you can travel and not get lost. Try to make a spreadsheet aimed at your financial control, entering your fixed expenses and your income. If you want to travel abroad, it is worth keeping an eye on the exchange rate variation. Having a financial reserve, you can take the opportunity to buy every time there is a fall.

During the Flight

  • Leave home with plenty of time

We know that unforeseen events happen, but we must always be prepared. Leaving home with the time counted for the flight is the biggest trap there could be. After all, any taxi, traffic or broken car delay in the middle of the runway becomes decisive. Besides, it gets in the way of the safety queues, making you have to bother the other passengers, asking to pass in front of them.

  • Organize your luggage well

Try to separate the items you will need during the flight between your suitcase that goes in the trunk and the handbag (which is on the floor, under the front chair). This way you avoid hassles and work of opening the baggage compartment, opening your suitcase and re-closing the baggage compartment, avoiding disturbing the other passengers and even small accidents.

  • Be with the separate documents

Generally the weather in an airport is in a slight hurry. People get in line for boarding and stay close to the gate intended for their flight. To collaborate with a smooth trip, do not leave to pick up your identity at the time of boarding, or to open the company’s app there, delaying the process. One idea is to have a small folder with a copy of all this information, preferably organized in the order of use.

During the Trip

  • Find out a little about the local language

The good traveller is one who is open to experimenting with new cultures and absorbing new perceptions. But, relax, it doesn’t mean you have to change religion or finish a language course before taking any trip.

It means being respectful and striving to understand others: both in cultural matters, and more practical, like the basic words of the new language. Magic words like thank you, please, besides how much it costs, where is the bathroom, where is it, right, left, straight, can be really useful for you!

  • Respect cultural differences

We talked about the importance of learning a little about the foreign language above, but we cannot forget the cultural differences. We have parties and foods that may seem strange to other residents of several countries. In the same way that we can get the impression of other places.

  • Accept the commitment of sustainable tourism

The commitment to sustainable tourism calls on travellers to take responsibility for responsible tourism. This happens through actions such as conserving natural resources, visiting lesser-known attractions, not polluting the environment, leaving things as they were found. It is also understood in the commitment not to damage or modify something historical and to seek to raise awareness and educate friends and family about responsible tourism.

  • Enjoy your trip: don’t affect yourself for others

We never think about it, of course, but it is possible that a lot happens during a trip: delayed flights, reservations that don’t clash, excessive queues. Nobody wants to go through that and, logically, we try to keep our thoughts away from those scenarios. But, look, the truth is that it can happen for various reasons.

  • Respect the city, the local people and the other tourists

As we speak on the third topic, it is more than important that we understand that the world is our home. Indeed it is: it is where we live, work, live. Just as if it were our house or our apartment, rented or owned, we have to take care of the world with the same affection.

  • Value guides and other tourism professionals

Not a few professionals are focused on tourism. On a trip we meet them from the airport to our return home. Tourist guides, drivers, commissioners, hoteliers, chambermaids, receptionists, in short: there are many people working to ensure your comfort, your fun and your safety. Try to return this work, which can be done with: tips, indications, evaluations on sites focused on travel and, of course, with respect and affection!