There is nothing difficult or supernatural in independent organization of trips abroad, on the contrary, due to the availability of internet resources relating to travel and travel, it has become a more convenient way than the use of tour operators.

Everything will become simple and convenient, if you follow these steps consistently:

Take care of the registration of the foreign passport.

This is the very first and important step – nobody will let you go abroad without it. You can apply for it at the usual passport office or other structures that issue such documents. As a rule, it takes about a month from the beginning of registration to obtaining a foreign passport, so if you plan a trip abroad, you should take care of your passport in advance.

Decide where you plan to go, whether you need visas in this country, and if necessary, to get them.

Visas are issued by the embassy after checking all the documents. This can be done electronically – it is quite easy and simple for those who live far from the embassies and physically can not come. On the websites of embassies, as a rule, there is detailed information about what documents are necessary for obtaining a visa.

In principle, the attached scans and certified copies of all documents should be reviewed within 2-3 weeks, but it often happens, especially in the hot season, when the flow of applications increases several times, that employees simply do not have time to meet the declared deadlines, and the issuance of visas is delayed by a month and a half. Be prepared for the fact that, if you have any questions about your documents, the embassy staff will call you personally and clarify the data.

After obtaining a visa to the desired country you need to take care of the route.

What do you want to see there? Are you interested in a beach holiday, sightseeing or the beauty of nature? In any case, look at the map of the country where hostels or hotels are marked, book a place in them for the period you need. For the same period of time you should also take plane tickets. It happens that it is difficult to connect one with another – or there are no hotel rooms for the period you need, or tickets.

Try to rely on the plane tickets – you can still rent a room live, but if the problem is with the tickets, you can lose much more time, which are so expensive on vacation.After you have booked rooms and bought tickets, do not forget about insurance!

Health insurance is very important for tourists – without it, no one will most likely serve you in hospitals if something happens to you. Of course, I don’t want to think about bad things, but you need to take care of your own safety. Insurance is also issued online, in addition, you can choose the most acceptable option for you and save money.

Calls to relatives and friends who are worried about you are mandatory.

And here you can use the sim card, which allows you to comfortably and free of charge contact your friends and family. Calls from incoming numbers are free in some countries, and outgoing calls.

What to take with you – depends on how long you are going to travel.

If it’s only a week, then do not burden your suitcases with a load of useless things. If the trip is more serious, for a month or more, it is worth making sure that you have with you the necessary set of things, depending on what kind of rest you have chosen – beach, tourist or mountain.