Precautions when traveling with children

The good thing about traveling with children is that they are happy, fun and usually have little fun. But there is no escape from the truth: planning is necessary. We don’t only talk about money, but also about food, safety and even the little one’s sleep.

When we talk about small children, we need to be aware of climate change, food differences and possible strangers. If you are about to travel with a child for the first time, do not take the experience as an adventure.

Being prepared and feeling confident, traveling with your child, nephew, godson etc. can make all the difference in your life. And in his too! So that you don’t fall for the mistake that several other travelers who have embarked with children have already made, take a look at these five tips that we have separated!

Travel Insurance is very important when traveling with children

This item would not even need to be remembered, because safe travel is a fundamental element, especially for those traveling with children. Children tend to be more exposed to new viruses and bacteria and react to different climates.

If they like swimming pool, beach or extreme sports (suitable for their age, of course), the scenario can become even more sensitive. To be supported by medical care, which can detect and care for the problem quickly, travel insurance becomes basic. Before the trip, make sure that your child is 100%, even if you need to take him/her to the doctor.

Be prepared for different climates when traveling with children

If you’ve had the experience of going out with young children from home, you’ve probably already related the fact to an event. It’s not enough to get your keys and cell phone: you have to be ready for anything! And all survival gear must be in a bag. The smaller the better; but usually the size of the purse is inversely proportional to the size of the child. That is, the bigger the bag, the smaller the child is.

In the latter case, it is also worth checking if the hotel has an internal heating system and hot water. Usually hotels do, but it is good to check it out!

Traveling with children? Watch out for the flight!

The flight time is probably the most tense moment for the parents or guardians of the child who is traveling. Although the novelty is exciting, we must not forget that a flight can bring discomfort. Starting with the pressure in the ear. If it can already be uncomfortable for our adult ears, for a child it can be even more annoying, causing pain and much crying.

Finally, it is always valid to have some goodies in your handbag, alternative food (if necessary) and extra clothes in case the child gets dirty. It is interesting to have a pharmacy or a small hygiene kit in case the child goes bad or presents some discomfort.

Respect the children’s limit when traveling with them

When we travel, we create a new routine. Some people complain about getting up early from Monday to Friday, but during the trip you don’t miss the first minute of coffee!

Our lunches tend to be much later and we walk much more than we usually do during the day. Just like in the adult world, children also have their routine very well defined from an early age: going from school to bedtime. The routine works very well during ordinary days, creating a sense of responsibility in the child, as well as ensuring healthy moments for them.

Furthermore, an adult’s resistance tends to be greater than that of a child, who may tire faster or lose interest in something that takes too long. Also, try to talk a lot with the child, explaining to them how a trip happens, what to expect and making sure that if they are uncomfortable with something, they only talk to the adult.

Try to include tours and hotels with children’s activities

Every style of travel is a whole new universe. If you like to enjoy the hotel, for example, spending good hours (besides sleeping). If you want to take your child to an amusement park, find out beforehand (even before you talk to him/her) if there are various options of toys for his/her age and height.

But that doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that you will have to wait for the child to grow up to enjoy such activities. Not really! It is important that you bring the attractions of the journey closer to the child’s reality, drawing his attention to things, educating him and translating the world to him.

If you go to a museum, it’s nice to explain that there are important works for the whole world, that you can understand more of our history from those pieces and much more.

If you go to a shopping centre, the way to draw attention is to explain that there are several things there, that you usually can’t find near home. Depending on the financial situation, encourage the child to bring a little gift for himself or for a colleague or family member.

In short, every child likes to know why things are going on. Embark on children’s questions to turn the trip into an unforgettable moment!

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